What is the CPA

The CPA (Community Partner Assessment) involves identifying community based organizations whose mission aligns with the CHANGE Lab. After identifying potential organizations, we conduct an initial outreach to express interest in collaborating and identify points of synergy. Community partners are then given the option to complete a semi-structured interview in which we ask questions regarding the strengths, weakness, needs, and their perception of youth's holistic health. This information guides the work that the CHANGE Lab conducts.

Why did we start the CPA

The research that we do in the CHANGE Lab is guided by what the community needs; specifically, what adolescents and their families need. Many of the needs assessment previously conducted in Boston, MA have been tailored towards adults as opposed to youth. We created the needs assessment to connect with local youth-serving community organizations and to gain a wholistic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of young people. 

Member of the CHANGE Lab attended an event at the Boys and Girls Club to engage with local families and recruit at the Back to School Bash

Thank you to Beywisee for opening their doors and allowing the CHANGE Lab to be in the space! We had such a blast recruiting and meeting families. 

The CHANGE Lab helped out at the United Way of the Brazos Valley Jingle Book Bash! 

Partner with the CHANGE Lab

Does your organization have a need related to youth that the CHANGE Lab can help with? Reach out to ch.herrera@northeastern.edu! We can set up a meeting and discuss ways to work together to empower and uplift the community.